Cost effective and Affordable Total body lift Surgery in India at Mumbai by senior Cosmetic Surgeon

Published: 25th August 2010
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Medical tourism offers Total body lift in India at an affordable price. Welcome to the medical treatment along with tourism in India. India is one of the best places for the medical treatment or any other health care in Asia. Every year thousand of visitors come to India from around the world just for the medical check up and other type of surgery. India is giving stiff competition in healthcare services for overseas patients with cost of surgery lower by over 30% and in fact cheapest in entire Southeast Asia. Medical tourism is fast emerging as a big opportunity for India with its low cost advantage, high quality healthcare providers and an English speaking populace. Medical tourism in India emerges as a huge money spinner. Come for medical tour in India and get yourself treated with the best quality care for Total body lift in India.

Total body lift surgery is an extremely effective procedure for patients with excess skin resulting from weight loss. Depending on the location of the excess skin, patients may choose to undergo either an upper, mid or lower body lift. For patients with significant amounts of excess skin through the midsection, lower body and extremities, a combination of these techniques called full or total body lift surgery may be the best option. Often, after significant weight loss, a personís skin has lost so much of its natural elasticity that it cannot conform to his or her new, more slender figure. For such people, this excessive hanging skin can be removed through various body lift procedures. Cosmetic surgeons can perform a full body lift or opt for less invasive area-specific procedures such as arm, thigh or buttock lifts. The various other body lift procedure are Upper Body lift surgery, Mid body lift surgery and Lower body lift surgery. These procedures combining are called as Total Body lift surgery and if done partially or individually are assigned to a specific portion of the body. Patients can go for any of the above mentioned procedure as according the their own need as well the surgeons opinion if considered.

Prices and cost budget for Total body lift in India are normally 50% below the cost that runs in US and Europe plus Indian hospitals donít charge any hidden costs. As health care costs skyrocket, patients in the developed world are looking overseas for medical treatment. India is capitalizing on its low costs and highly trained doctors to appeal to these "medical tourists". In India, medical treatment is not only fast but also costs a fraction of what it costs in USA or Europe. Even tele-consultancy is available for expert opinion and transmission facilities. Every year Thousands of Patients from around the globe US, UK, Europe and Africa especially come to India to get themselves all sorts of affordable and cheap surgeries. Medical tourism in India also provides excellent tour options across India as according to the need of the patients after the get their surgeries done .For more information on Cost effective and Affordable Total body lift Surgery in India visit us at or you can send us your queries at You can also call us at +91- 7798122756.

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